• Clean a WooCommerce database of orders and customers

    While working on hotfixes for WooCommerce stores it can be helpful to duplicate the live database locally. This brings with it the issue of holding customers’ private data in my development environment. As a quick fix. Instead of creating a fresh dummy store. Which can take a while to create. I’ve got a list of…

  • Do the Woo: Promoting Products to WooCommerce Developers and Agencies

    Had the pleasure to join Jodie Fiorenza of WebDevStudios on BobWP’s Do the Woo Podcast episode 113. The podcast and transcript is available at https://dothewoo.io/promoting-products-to-woocommerce-developers-and-agencies/.

  • Do the Woo: A Designer Who Codes #92

    This Thursday I joined BobWP and Brad Williams for episode #92 of Do the Woo Podcast. The podcast and transcript is available at https://dothewoo.io/designer-developer-woocommerce-michael-bragg/.