In February last year [2017], as I was coming to the end of my redundancy period. Deciding the direction my career was going to take. I came across a tweet from a developer I’d followed while watching WordPress TV talks. Are you hoping to become a professional #WordPress developer? We're opening our mentorship programme soon.https://t.co/zo70iwxFQb […]

Atom Text Editor

Toggle Git Ignored Files in Atom

A helpful reminder for the future. Every once in a while when I open up, my coding editor of choice, Atom. I’m greeted with horror. Large sections of my project are missing. After loading up Finder and traversing to the missing directories. Relief starts to sink in. As I find my files are still there […]


Published – A WordPress Theme

My aim is to create a minimal viable WordPress Theme for this site. Allowing me to experiment with and test. Outside of the stricter controls of commercial development. I’ve been best buddies with WordPress themes for several years now. Building themes for clients and integrating them with bespoke plugins. Along the way, I’ve picked up many […]